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Hello there! Welcome to HMGPhotos / Heidi Gurov Photography!

I have been shooting semi-professionally for about 5 years now. I took photography in high school but it wasn't until my college years that I took up the hobby seriously, starting out on a trusty and tiny Nikon Coolpix 7600 point and shoot. In a few short years I have been able to grow my hobby into something more than just a casual thing. My photography work has been published in DSPORT, Nissan Sport, RIX Magazine, Performance Auto & Sound, The Bengal Bulletin, and on many online websites/e-zines. Focusing primarily on automotive events and lifestyles, I served as a RIX Magazine staff photographer for one year, and covered many events for that magazine and as a freelancer. I also worked with models to develop their portfolios for promotional materials such as posters and flyers.

While I am highly experienced shooting motorsports events, I also do model/portrait photography. I also enjoy feline photography, both at cat shows and in the studio, and write/photograph for "The Bengal Bulletin." For my creative side, I have studied fine art photography in both New Jersey and New York City. Three of my fine art photographs were published in the 2011 edition of the High Plains Register.I love to shoot medium format film! In the future I look forward to doing more work at cycling events when I am not racing on the bike myself!

My chosen weapons of choice are the Nikon D300 (main digital body), Nikon D200 (backup digital body), Nikon D80 (backup digital body), and Nikon F5 (35mm film body). I use a Holga 120FN for my medium format work. I shoot only with Nikon Nikkor lenses. For studio work I use an AlienBees B1600 strobe and Nikon SB-800 flash.

I can be reached at for booking, rates, and other information. I love a good photographic challenge, so don't be scared to try me!

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